I completed PhD coursework in Labor Economics and Industrial Organization. I do research in applied economics revolving around the study of worker productivity. My work generally is in the areas of Labor Economics, Sports Economics, Cultural Economics, Health Economics, and the Economics of Education.


“Student loan debt and the career choices of college graduates with majors in the arts” Now available online at Journal of Cultural Economics. Link: Student Loan Debt and Arts Major Career Choices

“Playing in a pandemic: The impact of family on performance in the NBA’s “bubble”” (with O. Boucot) Now available online at Managerial and Decision Economics. Link:  Playing in a Pandemic

“Racial and Gender Inequality Regimes in Sport: Occupational Segregation and Wage Gaps in the U.S. Spectator Sports Industry” (with L. Hindman) Now available online at European Sport Management Quarterly. Link: Occupational Segregation and Wage Gaps in US Sport Industry

“Peer effects and human capital accumulation: Time spent in college and productivity in the National Basketball Association” Now available online at Managerial and Decision Economics. 
Link: Time spent in college and NBA productivity

“School’s Out: How Summer Youth Employment Programs Impact Academic Outcomes” (with A. Modestino) Now available online at Education Finance and Policy. 
Link: School’s Out: SYEP and Academic Outcomes

“Arts majors and the Great Recession: a cross-sectional analysis of educational choices and employment outcomes” Now available online at Journal of Cultural Economics. 
Link: Arts majors and the Great Recession

“It’s a party in the MLB: An analysis of shirking between games in Major League Baseball” Accepted for publication at Journal of Sport Management.
Link: It’s a Party in the MLB

“New Evidence in the Study of Shirking in Major League Baseball”, Journal of Sport Management, vol. 35(4), 2021, pp. 285-294.
Link: Shirking in Major League Baseball

“Arts Majors as Entrepreneurs and Innovators”, Small Business Economics, vol.57(2), pp. 639-652. (with N. Alper and G. Wassall)
Link: Arts Majors as Entrepreneurs and Innovators

“Patterns of buprenorphine/naloxone prescribing: An analysis of claims data from Massachusetts”, The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, vol. 46(2), 2020, pp. 216-223. (with A. Modestino, M. Hasan, M. Alam, L. Young, and G. Young)
Link: Patterns of buprenorphine/naloxone prescribing

“Reducing Inequality Summer by Summer: Lessons from an Evaluation of the Boston Summer Youth Employment Program”, Evaluation and Program Planning, vol. 72, 2019, pp. 40-53. (with A. Modestino)
Link: Reducing Inequality Summer by Summer

“Contract Options and Performance: The Case of Major League Baseball”, Atlantic Economic Journal, vol. 46(4), 2018, pp. 379-388.
Link: Contract Options and Performance: The Case of Major League Baseball